Wednesday, November 14, 2012

K and K

Oh, hi.
Time to brush away the dust and get this place going again.
A few problems tho.
I am busy....
and very low on blogging mojo.

I had all of these wonderful plans when I first began this photography thing but then life got in the way.
And my confidence disappeared.
So much so that I doubt every single photo I take.
So much so that I want to delete every one.
I criticize every little detail.
It's not clear enough.
The colours are all wrong.
I should have used a different lens....
...different angle.
Blah blah blah.

My goal as of right now?
To capture.  That's it.
And that's exactly what I did with my beautiful nieces.
My beautiful nieces who had no interest in being in photos.  Who wanted to be playing with my kids instead.  Actually, I am pretty sure they would have preferred sitting in a dark room twiddling their thumbs while listening to crap music, but, they were good sports and humoured me for approximately 7.5 minutes.
Lessons Learned
* capturing shots of children is hard
*photographers deserve every penny
*must carry candy for bribery
*I want to do this more.  Email me if youre interested in a cheap session

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I havent forgotten about this place.
Will be back soon.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quarterly Favourites

Oh man, the stress this has caused me!
Not because I had so many pictures I wanted to share, but because I realized that I don't have an even number of photographs taken for each of my children.
One child loves to model.
One child will let me take his picture, but then check it to make sure it turned out OK.
One child hates it and wants nothing to do with his Mother's obsession.

I just know my children will be in therapy later on because of this.
Maybe we can get a 4 for 1 deal!

OK, here goes.
My 5 favourite photographs of my human and animal babies taken January through March.

Blackie the barn cat isn't really a "people-loving" feline, so when I got close enough to her to actually take a picture,it was a huge event.
Yes, really.

Nothing makes a Momma happier than capturing a photograph of her happy child.
His love for basketball has taken over his love of the computer.
This is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Princess loves dressing up......
...and bath time.
Put the two together, and happiness oozes from her beautiful face.

This child of mine is serious...brilliant...and full of difficult questions.
And those eyes.
They melt me.

Studley the dog.
He is old, deaf, a little blind but still very much full of life.
I love this photo because it focuses on his very wise eyes.
Someone figure out a way for my first baby to live forever please and thank you.

Note to self.
Take an even number of photos of each of my children next time.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Showing Off My Shot

This is a picture of a cow's nose.

I have discovered something about myself lately.
I love cows.
I want one.

I would name her Wilhemina.

The End


 then, she {snapped}

Saturday, March 10, 2012

This is me. Stepping out of my comfortable box.

This is a tough one for me guys.
To post a photo SOOC {straight out of camera}.
That means an unedited photo.
I never, ever print or post photos that have not been edited in some way.
So doing this causes me great discomfort.
Kinda like those hoarder people on TV when people start cleaning out their messy homes.
The shakes.

That is me right now.
I have a problem.

Admitting it is the first step to getting over my sickness, right?

So here goes.
This is a photo of a toy tractor.
This tractor belonged to my hubby when he was a kid.
Now it belongs to my kids.

Right now it is sitting on the grass beside the sandbox, waiting patiently for the warmer weather to come so it will get played with again.

*deep breath*

See more SOOC shots here.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Black and White

A quiet moment.
A little rest.
It's hard work being a ballerina.


Photo Challenge Submission
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Favourite February Foto

Nothing makes my heart happier than Studley the dog's wet nose and gray beard.
I will treasure this photograph for ever and ever.
Everyone is so used to taking pictures of a entire face, posed and ready for the camera.
The spontaneous captures of the little {less obvious} things that make us love people/animals is what grabs my attention and love immediately.
And that's why we take pictures, right?
For the emotion.
The memory.


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